Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator Cream 50 mL

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Brand: Forty Fathoms
Product Code: FOR001

Containing the powerful Maritech® bright ingredient derived From Fucoidan, Forty Fathoms™ Skin Regenerator Cream visibly transforms the skin by regenerating skin cells and activating the skin's natural ability to restore itself. Skin becomes smoother and firmer, with a more even tone. A protective barrier is also formed guarding against inflammation and allowing more moisture to be retained, resulting in a fresh, radiant and ageless appearance.
Fucoidan is derived from Brown Seaweed sustainably harvested from the worlds' most pristine oceans. This potent ingredient is extracted using sophisticated patented technology which preserves the delicate yet powerful components of this natural sea flora. The result is Maritech® bright which is clinically proven to protect and repair skin for improved skin health and appearance.